Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifiers Screening.

Streamline payments processing and simplify client due diligence with expertly curated reference and sanctions data.

A comprehensive screening solution for both beneficiary agents and financial intermediaries involved in any payment route.

  • BankCheck monitors and provides daily updates on the:
  • Ownership hierarchy of 27.7 million entities and 2.9 million UBOs.
  • Ownership of 3,200 foreign branches with the ability to process payments.
  • 100k+ active BICs and 1.5+ million National Clearing Codes.
  • Full sanctions lists from OFAC, EU, HMT and UN.
Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifiers Screening

Avoid routing payments through Sanctioned Persons.

Protect your organisation from potential reputational and regulatory risk and your payments team from mistakenly transferring money to a sanctioned bank by making them aware of sanctioned BICs within the correspondent banking payment corridors.
BankCheck Payments Sanctioned Banks & BICs
Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifiers Screening

Safeguard your payment
system from potential
compliance breaches.

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Ensure that the payment corridor is free of any sanctions before selecting/entering payment routing details into internal systems or when reviewing the origin of incoming funds.
  • Access all globally sanctioned BICs in the correspondent banking payment corridors (incl. newly issued and newly updated BICs).
  • Receive daily updates and alerts on sanctions data from all sanctions lists.
  • Screen not only BICs but also IBANs and National Clearing Codes for domestic payments (eg. Sort Codes in the UK).
  • Ensure compliance with sanction regulations, including the OFAC 50% rule.
Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifiers Screening

Reconcile complex sanctions analysis with high transaction processing volumes.

  • Provide visual cues to confirm the security of selected payment routes for the payment operations team.
  • Include sanctions flags for cases where ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) are found to have sanctions against them.
  • Provide additional data insights to the investigations team to help resolve cases quicker and improve the efficiency of existing workflows.
  • Generate bespoke reports and download Bank Payment Identifiers associated with sanctioned entities according to user selected parameters.
By utilising our unique data structure and integration of ownership hierarchy information with daily updated payment routing information, BankCheck can identify a higher number of Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifiers compared to those published by Sanctioning Bodies and other established providers.

In addition, we are
the only provider that matches Sanctioned Persons to National Clearing Codes, allowing for thorough sanctions screening across a range of national and cross border payment systems.


Monitor and identify Sanctioned Entities within the banking network with ease.

Our unique data management process enables us to continuously monitor and identify entities that are either banks or part of the ownership structure of a bank, at any level. If an entity is found to be sanctioned, either by being directly mentioned in sanction lists or because it is majority-owned by a sanctioned entity, or even due to falling under the OFAC 50% rule, all associated banking identifiers are flagged as sanctioned.

Additionally, if a sanctioned bank attempts to circumvent the sanctions regime by setting up a new BIC, another identifier or changing their legal name, BankCheck will detect this and flag it accordingly, as soon as the change becomes operational. The same process is applied when asanctioned bank gains ownership of a non-sanctioned bank.

Effortlessly identify and flag Sanctioned Persons with Bank Payment Identifiers.

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Our methodology enables us to analyse, identify and flag all Persons referenced in the monitored Sanctions Lists and incorporate any changes into our daily-updated Bank Payment Identifiers (BPIDs). This eliminates the need for manual searches for additional BPIDs that may not be explicitly mentioned in the sanctions lists.

Our screening process covers all Bank Payment Identifiers, including those belonging to a single banking entity, entities owned by a Sanctioned Person, and BPIDs associated with all branches of any sanctioned bank globally.

Improve sanctions screening with superior Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifier coverage.

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Sanctions sources

BankCheck continuously monitors
OFAC, EU, HMT, and UN sanctions updates and seamlessly integrates these with curated payment data from SWIFT and ownership hierarchy data from reliable sources for comprehensive and up-to-date information on sanctioned entities and individuals.

Payment sources

BankCheck offers a comprehensive database of daily updated BIC (cross-border) and National Clearing Codes (domestic) as well as detailed information on correspondent banking payment routes (correspondent, intermediary and beneficiary) from reputable sources such as SWIFT Ref and national authorities. Furthermore, we have developed a proprietary data set of correspondents in the Fedwire system.

Ownership sources

BankCheck leverages a variety of ownership data sources and also continuously monitors ownership information by cross-checking against business registries, regulatory websites, and M&A news feeds to ensure accuracy.

Deployment options

The grey list, which contains identifiers and detailed flags, is generated daily and delivered as a downloadable dataset, through all BankCheck APIs, or on the BankCheck web app.

Sanctioned Bank Payment Identifier Screening can be seamlessly incorporated into and delivered through any of the following products:
BankCheck Data Feed
Effortlessly integrate the most current industry changes into your internal payment and KYC data. With multiple frequency options, including daily, weekly, and monthly, BankCheck data feeds cater to the unique needs of your business.
BankCheck API
Seamlessly integrate BankCheck into your business application or banking platform through our reliable REST API to ensure your payments and KYC reference data is accurate and up-to-date at all times.
BankCheck Look-up Tool
BankCheck's web application streamlines payments processing and simplifies client due diligence. Its user-friendly interface allows operators to easily access comprehensive and up-to-date reference data, ensuring efficient and accurate risk assessment.

Unlock the power of global reference data with BankCheck Payments.

Gain access to the data you need to meet your business goals and initiatives.

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