BankCheck for Payments.

Leverage expertly curated reference data for faster and safer global payments.
  • 180 National payments systems
  • 1.5m + National clearing codes
  • 700k + SSI/routing instructions

The BankCheck platform offers comprehensive, up-to-date reference data with routing and validation capabilities to ensure your payments reach their intended recipients securely.

We integrate and cross-check data from multiple, reliable industry sources to deliver the cleanest, most accurate information available. Our trusted data is used by banks and financial institutions around the world to decrease the risks and costs related to failed payments, increase operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.
Up-to-date reference data at the core of your payments operations.
Global Payment Routing

Eliminate the risk of using wrong payment routes.

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Minimise manual payment repairs, increase STP rates and reduce operational costs by ensuring your payments system has continuously up-to-date routing data and prioritises preferred routes.
Global Payment Routing

Reduce payment failures with the most up-to-date correspondent bank information.

BankCheck updates and prioritises preferred routes in your payments system with optimised SSI data feeds, delivering the most current correspondent bank information either through flat file transfers or API integration, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our Payments Routing Optimisation API is powered by multiple, primary payment data sources, including international correspondent banking details, information relating to national payment systems like Fedwire, UK Faster Payments, SEPA, EBA Clearing, TARGET2.
Global Payment Routing
BankCheck provides reference data in a structured format and enables clients to easily incorporate the data into their existing systems, eliminating the need of having to manually extract and organise the information from multiple sources themselves. Our API feeds the optimal payment route to the client’s payments system, incorporating the latest data changes and the rules set applied.
Payment Repair

Repair rejected payments promptly.

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Minimise the costs related to payment failure and the need to contact customers for additional information by accessing the most current SSI information to validate payment details.

Empower your payment operators to quickly fix payments that have been rejected by the payments system.

BankCheck's web application provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling operators to resolve failed payments within 5 seconds. Users can validate payment details and access corresponding SSI information to ensure swift and secure payment processing.

In addition, your payment infrastructure team can leverage our look up tool to review available data for additional insights and informed decision-making.
BankCheck Payment Repair
Payment Pre-Validation

Validate and verify payment information with ease at the point of entry.

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Prevent payment failure and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around payment message content by ensuring the accuracy and completeness of payment instructions through pre-validation, error correction and enrichment at the point of entry.

This proactive approach ensures a seamless customer experience, increases transaction volume, and improves data quality for better STP and screening in subsequent stages.
Payment Pre-Validation

Enable your customers and staff to easily enter complete and accurate payment instructions.

Our Payments Validation and Verification API provides powerful testing capabilities for validating and verifying payment information. Through BankCheck, payment details are cross-checked, verified, and corrected as they are entered, including pre-populating empty data fields.
  • Validation - checks the domestic or international payment system information
  • Verification - confirms content against a trusted source and checking content fields are complete, correct and consistent
BankCheck Payment Pre-Validation

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of payment exceptions trace back to formatting errors, account related issues and invalid data in messages.

of payment failures can be attributed to outdated routing information.


Estimated cost of repairing each payment failure.

Payment Enrichment

Complete payment information gaps effortlessly.

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Fill payment information gaps quickly with the help of complete and up-to-date payment reference data to reduce payment failures, minimise compliance risks, improve straight-through-processing rates and the overall customer experience.

Reduce the time spent on collecting incomplete payment information.

Free up your payments team's time for more valuable tasks by reducing the amount of time spent on gathering incomplete payment information. Whether you need to look up, retrieve, or obtain bank, branch, routing BIC information - even when faced with incomplete inputs - BankCheck has you covered.

Integrate BankCheck into your business application, use it as a web application, or employ batch processing for seamless payment enrichment. Whether you choose to develop in-house or rely on your solution provider, we collaborate with a range of payment and onboarding system providers, ensuring a streamlined process from start to finish.
BankCheck Payment Enrichment
Sanctioned Banks and BICs

Avoid routing payments through sanctioned banks.

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Protect your organisation from potential reputational and regulatory risk and your payments team from mistakenly transferring money to a sanctioned bank by making them aware of sanctioned BICs within the correspondent banking payment corridors.
Sanctioned Banks & BICs

Safeguard your payment system.

Ensure that the payment corridor is free of any sanctions before selecting/entering payment routing details into internal systems or when reviewing the origin of incoming funds.
  • Access all globally sanctioned BICs in the correspondent banking payment corridors (including those still active in SWIFT)
  • Receive daily updates and alerts on sanctions data from all sanctions lists
  • Generate bespoke reports and download BICs associated with sanctioned entities according to user-selected parameters
BankCheck Payments Sanctioned Banks & BICs
Research & Information Support

Resolve inconclusive payment data issues.

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Support your payment investigation and repair efforts by harnessing the expertise of our content team to efficiently address inconclusive payment data issues.

Leverage proactive support to enhance your payment operations.

BankCheck acts as an extension of your payment investigation and repair team, collaborating with leading banking data providers and banks to investigate and resolve any unresolved queries. Our content team is committed to delivering the highest data quality and strives to enhance your payment operations with the utmost efficiency.
BankCheck Research & Support

Unlock the power of global reference data with BankCheck Payments.

Gain access to the data you need to meet your business goals and initiatives.

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