Intermediary Data.

Effortlessly create, repair and validate payment messages with up-to-date Fedwire Intermediary data.

A comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable Fedwire intermediary data management.

  • BankCheck collects and maintains a data set of Correspondent information (FFC - For Further Credit) of more than 5k records.
  • The Federal Reserve Wire Transfer System (Fedwire) is a real-time gross settlement system operated by the Federal Reserve Banks that allows financial institutions to electronically transfer funds between its participants.

    This system is crucial for handling large-value, time-sensitive transfers in the United States. Transactions through Fedwire are typically irreversible and are settled instantly, making it a preferred method for high-priority and emergency transactions.
Fedwire Intermediary Data

Gain access to the most current and accurate Fedwire Intermediary data.

By having access to current and accurate Fedwire intermediary data, you can effortlessly create, repair and validate payment messages with the correct information. This not only saves time and resources for financial institutions but also helps to minimise any potential errors or delays in transactions, providing a smoother customer experience and compliance with regulations.
Fedwire Intermediary Data

Streamline payment repairs and validate payment messages effortlessly with BankCheck's Fedwire intermediary data set.

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Having access to accurate Fedwire Intermediary data allows for the efficient repair of any payment messages that may have errors or missing information. In the past, this process was time-consuming and required manual input and direct outreach to banks, but with BankCheck's continuously updated Fedwire intermediary data, these errors can be quickly identified and corrected, ensuring a smooth and timely transfer of funds.

By comparing the information in the payment message to BankCheck’s Fedwire intermediary data, financial institutions can quickly verify the accuracy of the payment and ensure it complies with all necessary requirements and regulations.
    Fedwire Intermediary Data

    Eliminate payment delays and errors with real-time updates on your Fedwire intermediary data.

    • Ensure timely and accurate payments by receiving instant updates on your Fedwire intermediary data. Powered by cutting-edge technology and direct communication with banks, you can have peace of mind knowing your payments will reach their intended recipients.

      Don't let outdated information hold you back - receive real-time updates through convenient delivery methods such as SFTP or API for efficient, secure and seamless payments.

    Unlock the power of global reference data with BankCheck Payments.

    Gain access to the data you need to meet your business goals and initiatives.

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