Empowering data excellence through collaboration.

Working hand in hand with SWIFT, global banks, and leading data providers to strengthen global correspondent relationships.

By partnering with trusted data providers and fostering collaborations, we strive to empower the global banking community with reliable data for informed decision-making.


Strengthening correspondent banking relationships one update at a time.

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Our data is continuously enriched and updated, thanks to the valuable input from our clients and our team of diligent research analysts. This joint effort guarantees that our data is accurate, reliable, and brings added value to all parties involved.
Feedback & Insights

Sharing payments & KYC data the way it's meant to be.

Through our collaborations, we receive valuable data feedback from the financial industry and we share these with SWIFT and our trusted data partners. This mutually beneficial arrangement not only supports their data teams, but also allows us to proactively address data issues and improve efficiency and accuracy - ultimately bringing about positive developments in the financial industry.
BankCheck Community
We take pride in leading this collaborative effort and effectively addressing the needs of the banking community.
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Build a solid reputation in the global banking community.

Improve your correspondent banking relationships by proactively sharing accurate and current information about your company for KYC, AML, and payment processes. By doing so, you not only facilitate smooth due diligence processes for your correspondent banks, but also expand your access to their banking services and strengthen the trust and credibility of your institution within the global banking community.
BankCheck Share your data

The information you provide will be featured in BankCheck and made accessible to fellow members of the correspondent banking community. In turn, other users' information will be readily available to you.

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Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI)
Ensure that banks use the most current Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs) when sending payments to your organisation. By providing the most up-to-date information, you can guarantee that your payments will be received and processed accurately and efficiently. 
Documents for KYC/AML Due Diligence
Ensure a seamless and efficient due diligence process by providing crucial documents.
  • Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire
  • US Patriot Act Certificate (non-US banks only)
  • AML Policy
  • W-8 BEN-EKEY
Key Contact Information
Contact information for individuals in key roles within the Payments or Compliance departments, who can provide support with resolving payment transactions and addressing KYC/AML enquiries from other banking partners.

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