License Types

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  • BankCheck Payments gives you access to all information in BankCheck except for that contained in the KYC/AML Content and Documents section
  • BankCheck Due Diligence gives you access to all information in BankCheck except for that contained in the SSI and Payments Information section. This section includes all the correspondent banking information with relevant BICs.
  • BankCheck Complete gives you full and unrestricted access to all information in our reference data platform.
Due Diligence
General Details
Company History
Group Size & Footprint
Activities & Classifications
Identifiers (130 + Universal & Country Specific Codes)
Complete BIC History
LEI Specs
Ratings & Rankings
Ultimate Beneficial Owners & Ownership Structure
BranchCheck (Payment/Processing Offices and Locations)
Payments Information (Payments Systems Memberships, All Correspondents, SSIs, Active BICs)
Clearing Systems and SEPA Information
5 Second Payment Repairs
Boards & Committees
Document Vault - Financial/Annual Reports, KYC, AML
Membership & Listing
Mergers & Acquisitions
Moody's Credit Ratings
IBAN Validation & Conversion
Smart Search Functionality
Workflow Optimisation
Export & Print Functionality
Wide Range of Data Sources (BvD, SWIFT, Ratings Agencies, Company & Regulator Websites, etc.)
Scheduled Document Review & Maintenance Programme
Research & Information Support

Data delivered your way, with seamless and cost effective integration.

Access reference data through a web application, API, or FTP to suit your needs.

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