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Webinar Replay: Navigating the World of Transaction Banking with Optimised SSI Data

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20 March | 1.30 p.m. GMT | Online

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, the importance of transaction banking cannot be overstated. This crucial function serves as the backbone of corporate transactions and enables smooth financial operations for both clients and financial institutions. However, in an increasingly competitive market, transaction banking faces challenges such as shrinking profit margins. In response, banks must focus on enhancing their straight-through processing capabilities and minimising the need for costly manual interventions in order to remain profitable. Despite these obstacles, with a proactive approach and strategic investments, banks can maintain their relevance and success in the payments industry.

Join our upcoming webinar on 20th March, where we will discuss:

  • the challenges faced by banks in the transaction banking sector
  • the consequences of de-risking, consolidation, and the impact of failed payments
  • the importance of SSI data 
  • the power of routing optimisation and the benefits of implementing consistent payment routing policies. 

Panel: Stéphane Teisserenc, Head of Payment Infrastructure, HSBC; Neil Buchan, Head of Standards Implementation, SWIFT

Moderator: Bill Mendenhall, Chief Advisory Officer, BankCheck

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